New Year Resolutions For Your Teeth

New Year Resolutions For Your Teeth
Posted on 01/18/2018
New Years resolution list

As your trusted providers of dental treatments and care, including teeth cleanings and dental exams, it’s our sincerest goal here at the practice of Paul S. Herrin, DDS to help all of our patients in and around Florissant, MO reach their optimal level of dental health. Having great dental health generally brings with it plenty of additional benefits, including better oral health, improved overall wellness, and increased confidence. Seeing how important the health of your teeth is – and since it’s a new year – why not make a few New Year’s resolutions to upgrade your dental health? To make it simpler for you, we’ve provided you with some of our most helpful resolutions to make for your teeth in the new year.

Floss Daily

One of the most important things that you can do for your oral hygiene is to simply floss your teeth daily. Food can easily find itself trapped between your teeth, which is why you need to floss to remove these food particles. When food is trapped between your teeth, it can lead to tooth decay, gum disease, and other oral problems.

Don’t Smoke

We hope this is an obvious tip! Smoking will cause an abundance of dental health problems, not even just limited to increasing the bacteria in your mouth. Smoking can yellow your teeth, eat away at your gums, increase the risk of developing tooth decay and gum disease, and even heighten the possibility of developing oral cancer. For both the sake of your oral health and also your overall health, please make the effort to not smoke.

Limit Your Soda Drinking

Another thing that you’ll want to limit is consuming soda. While you won’t have to completely eliminate your soda drinking, it’s important to cut back on it due to the damage that it can cause to your teeth. Soda is packed with phosphoric acid and citric acid – two ingredients that are well-known to eat away at a person’s tooth enamel and boost the chances of developing tooth decay.

Consume Milk and Calcium-Rich Foods

While we recommend staying away from soda, a great replacement for it is milk. Milk is beneficial for your teeth because it’s full of calcium – a mineral that will make both your teeth and bones stronger. While milk is an excellent source of calcium, it’s not the only one. You can find plenty of calcium in other foods, such as yogurt, cheese, broccoli, kale, and almonds.

Visit Your Dentist Twice Per Year

Our last suggestion for you is to remember to visit your dentist once every six months. Your dentist is able to provide dental exams that will make sure that you don’t have any dental problems. Even if you do have dental problems though, it’s best to get them detected early on and before they can grow worse. Additionally, you’ll get professional teeth cleanings when you visit the dentist. These will get your teeth cleaner than any standard brushing that you can do in your own home.

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